Pixie Traveling Medicine Show with David Bergeaud - Topanga, CA - Dec. 8th 2023 - 7 pm


Pixie Traveling Medicine Show with David Bergeaud - Topanga, CA - Dec. 8th 2023 - 7 pm

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Come, let our mouths, hearts, and lives be fed and inspired by the sweet work and stories of these grand yet small creatures whose work transforms the briefest nectar into the gold that lasts forever. We know honey bees as the original alchemists and medicine makers. She whose buzzing harvests not only feed her people, but also are in service to all she takes from; nourishing the vitality and diversity of the plant world, and thus all life. Come on out for poetry, storytelling, plant lore & a night of all things ambrosial

Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door

Join us in Topanga Canyon! 

22010 Topanga School Rd

Doors open at 7pm

The Pixie Traveling Medicine Show is coming to share tastes of our latest creations- the powerful ambrosias of the bees and elixirs of wild plants.

We will be offering poetry, myth, song, & samples of our honeys & libations.

Pixie Mead offers craft meads made with honeys from our treatment-free bees & infused with wildcrafted botanicals.

Spirit of the Hive offers one-of-a-kind distilled honey spirits.

Join Benjamin Brightheart-Pixie, along with musical guest David Bergaud, for story, song, and samples of their work with the bees including fresh bee pollen, raw honey, mead, herbal infused honeys, and herbal liqueurs.

Pixie Goods will be available for purchase- if you have a large order request let us know sooner than later so we can make sure to meet it.

*** About Pixie Mead ***

Benjamin Pixie has been a student of herbalism and a mead maker for over 20 years. Tending to his hives for the last decade and taking a treatment free approach to beekeeping. He caretakes over 100 queens and their colonies in Cascadia without sugar-feed or antibiotics.

Benjamin has been conjurer of the spirits of honey at http://www.spiritofthehive.buzz

& mead maker at




Skalitude is the home of the Brightheart- Pixie Family and Skalitude Honeybee Sanctuary, and an off-the-grid eco retreat center and growing community in the Methow Valley of Washington state, outside the town of Twisp. The land and facilities are available to host events, weddings, vacations, and retreats

The Pixie Honey team is a buzzing hive of inspired and industrious friends and family, all working and loving in service to the honeyed beauties that enrich our lives. Many hands contribute to the tending of hives, harvesting of plants, making of the magic that fills the bottles, and bringing the medicine of the bees to the people.



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