Our Promise To the Bees

Everything we consume takes life to create. Mead and honey spirits are the only alcohol on the planet that the production of actually benefits the ecosystem they are harvested from- through the honeybees pollination and fertilization of the flowers the land grows more diverse, more fecund, and more abundant for her presence.  We at Spirit of The Hive are so inspired by her work that we are planting and tending a honey bee sanctuary for her benefit and that of the native pollinators.

We are dedicated to using this avenue of honey spirits to transform the Earth and channel energy into ecological restoration by planting year round, diverse forage to see the bees and our world abundant and thriving. 5% of profits from Spirit of The Hive sales will go towards habitat growth for honey bees and other pollinators, here at the Skalitude Pollinator Sanctuary and beyond.

We need the lessons of the bees now more than ever!  Honeybees have been working to make the world into a flowering garden of abundance for millions of years. The Earth needs us humans to apply all of our ingenuity and reverence into joining them in stewarding green, living, blooming diversity in the land that we tend and that feeds us.

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