We are not just Beekeepers,
We are reverent & tender bee tenders.
We who listen to the songs that she sings and study the steps of her dances.
We are the ones who watch her flight path through the sky & court the flowers that she forages.

We Believe that She, the Honeybee is a creature of vast intelligence, the winged, buzzing, singing fertility of the Earth.
She is the bringer of diversity & abundance.
We seek to grow and feed a bee centered culture, where we plant our fields and commons for her thriving- nectar forests, bee pastures, fields bright and blooming.
Where we welcome the non-native foreign exchange plants & realize that their diasporas carry as much pain & beauty as human diasporas.

The most important thing all living beings need is healthy habitat.
The greatest threat to any being is habitat destruction.
The most vital aspect of the honeybee habitat is the diverse blooming of the earth.
She is fed by the pollen bearing and nectarious flowering plants, the wild and the cultivated.


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