The Red Faerie Absinthe
The Red Faerie Absinthe

Spirt Of The Hive

The Red Faerie Absinthe

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This honey spirit distilled with Wormwood, Anise, Fennel, Lemon Balm,
Star Anise, Tulsi, & Anise Hyssop is then combined with the blood red tea
of Clitoria & Hibiscus flowers to create the red fairy, an Absinthe the likes of
which the world has never seen.

We look to the bees as great teachers of how to live in service to that which
feeds you. Honeybees inspire the plant life that they harvest from to grow
more abundant, more fragrant, more colorful, and more juicy. They inspire us
towards their living example of reciprocity, and to share our love for them with
the world. We bring our reverence to every aspect of our craft: the stewarding
of the land, the tending of hives, the wildcrafting of plants, the brewing of
mead, distilling of spirit, and bringing the magic of the bees to the people.

We are dedicating 5% of profits from Spirit of the Hive sales to directly
support ecological restoration and habitat growth for honeybees and other
pollinators. Learn more at


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